2008 June 10 Tuesday thru June 13 Friday.

And the beat goes on.

The photo above/left is of our favorite Grilled Chicken やきとり restaurant.

It is known as ToriSen とりせん and you can get a feel for the place by viewing the photo in today's blog.

The shop has been around for a long time, ever since I first came to this town 18 years ago, and most likely much longer than before that time.

The entire staff is female, except for one older guy, who is the main chef.

They make a unique type of サンギ which is a Hokkaido word for deep fried chicken nuggets, except at this place, they make it with the bones still inside.

Sort of similar to Southern Fried Chicken.

It's crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside.

On Wednesday, I had a class with the first year students at the Kosei Nursing school as usual.

Every year, at least one of the new first year students, has already graduated from a junior college and has some employment experience, before enrolling in this nursing school.

As such, they already have enough credits for English, in order to graduate from this school.

Therefore, I sign a piece of paper saying that I acknowledge this fact, and do not require them to attend my English class.

Each time I do this, the student will stop coming to my class.

Except for this year. The young woman told me that she enjoyed my class so much that she wanted to attend, even though she is not required to do so.

I told her how happy I was that she enjoyed my class and thanked her for continuing to attend.

That made both of us feel pretty good.

The rest of my classes for the week went pretty much as usual, both at home and away.

The weather has been overcast, rainy and a bit cold this entire week.

I hope it gets sunny and warm on this weekend.

Summer officially starts next weekend.