2008 July 25 Friday thru July 28 Monday.

Summer vacation starts off with a bang.

At about 18:40, Charles Hamel and family drove all the way from Shibinai to the Asahikawa Michi no Eki, which is right next door to my classroom.

At about 19:00 Charlie and I walked on over to the river line below Tokiwa Park, and set up our cameras and tripods just below ShinBashi bridge.

The women and the kids, took the bus and arrived a bit later.

I was surprised to see that the place was not all that crowded.

In fact, it looked about half empty. I was drinking a bottle of Otokoyama Sasa Ori as I always do at this event, but I didn't share any with Charles.

Sorry Charlie, you have to drive back to Shibinai when this is all over, but I can walk home.

By the way, Charlie got some really good photos of the event, which you too can
see by clicking here.

Three full weeks of no classes to teach for me, so I will be able to get out and about, or just stay at home and do some cleaning up, and bass guitar practice.

The more I play the bass guitar, the more I like it.

Oh No!!! Another obsession!

Time to get out the alto recorder again too.