2008 August 20 Wednesday thru August 22 Friday.

Most of the public schools are back in session as of Wednesday, and all of the students who come to my classroom were back at our lesson table as well.

It was nice to see their smiling faces and hear their stories of summer vacation, time passages.

On Thursday, the 13 year old girl who comes every week at this time, proudly showed me her Certificate of Eiken Pre Level 2 英検準2級.

She passed both the written test, and the interview test as well.

Before both exams, she and I and the other students in her class, did lots of practice for the interview part of the examination.

It paid off for all of us. She also had taken a good look at this website and expressed interest in being able to make the same type of website for herself one day.

She further went on to say, that she has weekly computer classes at her junior high school.

I asked her if the classroom was equipped with a BIG SCREEN so that every student can clearly see how the teacher is operating the PC.

When she replied "NO", I told her that such a big screen in any computer classroom is an absolute necessity.

She agreed with me saying; "The teacher's lessons are slow and difficult to understand."

Of course they are! He/she doesn't have a Big Screen and Projector to work with.

I wouldn't want to teach that class.

On Friday, the 30 year old lady with Downs Syndrome who comes to my classroom every week at this time, had a rather shocking story to tell.

With the help of her mother and father, she explained to me how she had been KICKED OUT OF her hula dance circle, by some of the older ladies in the group.

Ai Chan has been a member of this hula dance group for many years, and has given me many photos of their annual recitals in November.

It seems the older ladies wanted her out, because they thought they could GO PROFESSIONAL without her.

Hmmmm Let's see, 60 to 70 year old ladies have a chance at becoming PROFESSIONAL HULA DANCERS??? Dream BIG!!!

Anyway, Ai Chan found herself another HULA CIRCLE which she promptly joined. Good job Ai!!!

Don't let the TURKEYS drag you down. You can fly with EAGLES.

After that interesting lesson was finished at 20:00, Ikuko and I got dressed up warm and went out for a veeeeeeeeery long walk together.

The total distance must have been about 12 kilometers, and went like this. First, we crossed over the 両神橋 that separates Kagura and Kamui.

We turned left onto the long straight cycling road that borders the Biei River.

This is a very good place to take a long walk at night because there are less lights on this side of the river, and the night sky is more clearly visible. When we do the short route, we walk from RyoJin Bashi to HeiSei OoHashi 平成大橋, and then turn left to cross the bridge back into Kagura again. But today, we didn't do that.

We kept on going straight until we reached the next bridge, which is rather far away.

This part of the route is much darker also, making stargazing an even more enjoyable addition to the walking exercise.

So,... walk we did. And walk and walk and walk, until we reached the next bridge which is Route 90 and passes by 1,000,000 Volts 百万ボルト.

At this point in our long walk, we were only half finished.

The remainder of the trip back home took us along Route 237 from HyakuMan Boruto back to our home near Taisetsu Arena.

Not only was it a long distance for us, but I was also wearing wrist weights of 2 kilograms, on each wrist.

It helps me stretch out and exercise my upper body.

It also creates more weight for my POOR FEET, which also have to haul around my 99 kilogram body.

Poor feet. If can can lose some weight, will you stop torturing me ?