2008 April 14 Monday thru April 20 Sunday.

The second week of back to school.

Another good year is on the horizon with fresh faces, and motivated young people, starting off on their life adventures.

I too, have been trying to make a comeback, of sorts.

When the cycling roads become completely free of snow and ice, it is WALKING TIME.

Any time of the day or night.

The so called Metabolic Syndrome, is just a slowing down of a human being's metabolism.

And it is not just human beings.

Horses and other large animals also develop メタボ.

When I tried to do some research into the causes and remedies for Metabolic

Syndrome on the World Wide Web, I was NOT able to find any consensual conclusion, as to the reason why some animals get obese, and others don't.

I have thought about this topic for many years, and the only thing I can say with certainty, is that in modern society people tend to become sedentary.

They sit at a desk or table, and use their mouths for speaking and their hands for gestures, to do their daily work, and get a paycheck.

People who use their physical bodies, to do their jobs, from day to day, are much less likely to develop metabolic syndrome.

I am a professional language teacher, and I spend most of my working hours sitting in a chair, or standing in the front of a classroom talking.

I do not get anywhere near enough physical exercise, especially during the winter months when there is a lot of snow everywhere.

Starting last Sunday, I pledged to myself, to go for a walk 5 or 6 times a week, for between 30 minutes and 120 minutes, each and every time.

I must do this in order to speed up my metabolism again, so that I can lose weight, and get back to my normal body size of a 34 to 36 inch waist.

I have many pairs of Levi 501 Jeans sitting in boxes, just waiting to be worn again.

To increase the effectiveness of my time spent walking, I also wear weights on my wrists of between 1.0 kilograms and 2.0 kilograms.

In this way, by moving my arms around while I am walking, I burn more calories and strengthen my upper body muscles at the same time.

The only time I have to go for these long walks on weekdays, is after all of my classes for the day are finished, which is at 20:00 or sometimes 21:30.

Nonetheless, I need to do this on a consistent basis, or I will obtain no useful results for my health.

I mean, walking is such a natural and easy exercise to perform, I have no excuses for not doing it.


On Sunday, I drove out to Shibinai to visit with Charles Hamel and Family.

The weather was warm and sunny, with a high temp. of about 20 degrees C.

We went for a short bicycle ride to a river bank of the nearby Chubetsu River and enjoyed the fresh air.

I met more of his new neighbors also.

A lot of very nice people live in Shibinai.

This is country living, away from the big city.

I myself would enjoy living there, but I couldn't get enough students to come to my classroom if I did.

Oh well, at least I can go out and visit the place from time to time.