2008 March 31 Monday.

Brrrrrr..... It was cold today.

Not just after the sun went down, but even during the day when it was mostly clear and sunny.

It might say that spring is here on the calendar, but the folks with boots on the ground, know different.

Today is my younger sister's birthday. Maybe I should say little sister, instead. She is younger that me, but she is the same age as my lovely wife, which is not all that young when viewed from the standpoint of a high school student.

Yeah, little is a better word because she is as skinny as a toothpick, without its wrapper.
I thought that I sent her a Happy Birthday
Post Card, like the one shown in the photo above/left, on or about March 20, but I haven't received any email from her yet, telling me that she received the card.

She always sends an email when she gets my card each and

every year.

Unless,..... I forgot to send the card by snail mail, and she never got it.

I don't know for sure. Did I really send the card, or was it just a brain fart, I had during a dream.

Maybe I have Alzheimer's Disease like Ronald Reagan had.

Gawd, I hope not. Oh! That reminds me of an American Joke that I heard on the internet a few years ago.

I t goes

something like this: An elderly person was feeling bad, so they went to see their doctor.

The patient said to the doctor: "Doc, I'm not feeling so well. Could you please give me a complete physical exam and see if there is anything wrong with me?"

The doctor said; "Sure, I'd be happy to. Please

come with me into the examination room."

In the examination room all manner of tests were done, and sent to the hospital laboratory for further analysis.

About one week later, the patient came back to see the doctor and asked about the test results.

The doctor said to the patient; "I have some bad news. You have cancer."

The patient cried out; "Oh my Gawd! How long do I have to


The doctor replied; "Only about one more year. But, that is not all.
You also have Alzheimer's Disease."

The patient again replied in a worried voice; "Did you say that I have Alzheimer's Disease???"

The doctor answered; "Yes, that's right." The patient suddenly became silent and looked down at the floor.

Then, he quickly looked up at the doctor with a big smile on his face and said; "Well, Thank Gawd I don't have cancer!!!"

Have you ever heard this joke before, and do you understood why it might make an optimistic person laugh?

I have tried telling this joke to almost all of my adult students from time to time, and I always get the same reaction.

Glassy-eyed silence. They don't get the punch line 落ち.

Japanese humor and American humor are worlds apart, but they are both equally amusing, in and of their own right.

For those of you out there, who are reading this blog, let me try and summarize why this joke is funny to the Average American English Speaking Male.

When the guy goes into the doctor's office for the

second time one week after his examination.

The doctor FIRST tells the patient that he has cancer.

Then, a few moments later, the doctor tells the patient SECONDLY, that he has ALZHEIMER'S disease.

When the patient hears this, he initially feels depressed, and looks at the floor.

However, after a momentary self-reflection, the patient realizes that he is lucky to NOT HAVE cancer.

You see, the funny part is, that the patient HAS ALREADY FORGOTTEN that the doctor told him less than one minute ago, that the patient had cancer AND Alzheimer's disease.

That IS the punch line. Enough talk about THAT.

Words have meaning, thoughts are things. MAGNETIZE your THOUGHTS in a POSITIVE manner at all times.

All the while, noticing the absurdities and contradictions, that we all encounter in our daily lives.

Laugh as much as possible.