2008 May 10 Saturday and May 11 Sunday.

Saturday morning started at 10:30, when I had a one hour private lesson with an 8 year old girl, who comes to my classroom every week at this time.

Last week she didn't come, because she and her family went down to Tokyo and Yokohama during Golden Week, to see some relatives and do some sightseeing.

During that time, she visited Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea, along with some other amusement parks in Yokohama.

This week when she came to class, she told me all about her adventures IN ENGLISH!

She even drew some illustrations of what she had seen and experienced during her trip.

This very intelligent little lady, is one of the very few children who come to my classroom, who actually tries to use English as her first language, when she is with me.

We almost never speak Japanese to each other. Amazing.

After that lesson was finished, I made some really hot and spicy Korean Ramen for lunch.

It is my own very simple recipe and I would never think of making it for someone else, but I must admit that I really do love to eat stuff, made with lots of hot red peppers.

I'm not sure why that is, but it IS.

I was hoping that I could drive out to ShiBiNai and visit with Charles Hamel and family, but Charlie was busy helping one of his neighbors, set up a new restaurant.

A very neighborly and noble thing to do.

Maybe I should have gone out there to help them, but I was more interested in playing the guitar, again today.

Since about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I have been getting back into an artist from Great Britain, whom I have been listening to since about 1984.

When I lived in the USA, I had many of his albums on cassette tapes, and I would spend countless hours listening to his music and playing along on both electric and acoustic guitars.

Again this Saturday, I used You Tube to find the songs I love, and my acoustic guitar to play along with the rhythms and melodies.

The British Musician to whom I am referring is
Al Stewart.

You can see a You Tube video of him and his band, performing his original song,

The Last Days of the Century, by clicking on his name above.
Later on, I also played around on the Alto Recorder, and just for fun.

Sunday was Mothers' Day.

Of which I had completely forgotten about until about 10:30 am on Sunday Morning, when Ikuko reminded me of it.

My mother and father are both deceased now, and the only bloodline family member whom is still slaving away on prison planet, is my skinny little sister, who lives in Seattle.

She is not a mother, so I didn't send her a greeting card.

We were mainly concerned with Ikuko's mother, who is still active and healthy, and living not too far away from us.

That's why Ikuko remembered that today is Mothers' Day, and I didn't.

To make up for my forgetfulness, I have thrown together a haphazard digital greeting card, to post in this blog.

You can see my less than diligent results, above/left.

Tomorrow, I get to play my guitar at the Young Buds Kindergarten めばえ幼稚園.

I am well prepared, and looking forward to it.

I think we will start with the ABC SONG, and work our way UP from there.