2008 May 2 Friday thru May 4 Sunday.

The last day of classes before Golden Week.

On Friday, I went to the Dokan Nursing School from 9:00 until 10:30, for a 90 minute class with one half of the second year students.

Today I split the class into 3 groups of 6 students each, and one group of 2 students plus me.

We did page one of my original textbook called Q&A.

It was a most interesting and enjoyable lesson for the students, and myself.

After that, I had straight classes from 15:00 until 20:30 at my classroom.

On Saturday, I had originally planned to drive down to Otaru, and spend the night at the 道の駅 (MaxValue 24/7) so that I could go to Otaru Beer and see the Palosiks do three live stage shows.

However, I got an email from a former student inviting me to a BBQ party at Kagura Oka Park on that same day, so I went to the BBQ party instead.

When I got to Kagura Oka Park, I was rather surprised to see that almost all of the cherry blossoms, had already fallen to the ground.

A bit early in the season for that, in Asahikawa.

Nonetheless, there were many other people gathered in the park for exactly the same reason.

While I was at the BBQ party, I was introduced to a guy who appeared to be about 25 or 26 years old.

When I said; "Hello, nice to meet you." He didn't say anything in response.

In fact, he didn't even look up at me.

I have seen this behavior in some very young children before, but almost never in "ADULTS".

Even as the BBQ Party continued for the next 2 hours, this guy said almost nothing, to anyone, the whole time.

He reminded me of my skinny little sister, who is very self-conscious (immature), and is unable to look people in the eyes, when talking to them.

In the case of my little sister, this is mainly because she was pampered 甘やかしてる and over-protected 過保護 all of her life.

Physically she got older, but mentally, she never grew up.

She probably never will, because she doesn't have to until,.... it becomes a tree to weak to stand.

See photo above/left for details.

Anyway, it was a bit windy, but it didn't rain at Saturday's BBQ Party.

I ate a lot of meat and drank a lot of beer, as I usually do at BBQ parties.

Not a very well balanced diet for the day, but rather enjoyable anyway.

Until the next day on Sunday.

On Sunday, Ikuko and I were planning to drive down to Otaru and spend the night, as per my previous plan for Saturday, but I had a huge stomach ache all day long, and certainly did not feel like driving, even for a short distance.

Trip Cancelled. Maybe some other time.