2008 May 5 Monday thru May 9 Friday.

Monday and Tuesday were both National Holidays so I had no classes to teach.

The weather during this entire five days can be characterized as cold, wet and windy.

I even saw a few snowflakes from time to time.

Well, that's the north country for ya.

Because of the consecutive holidays, I was able to make a new set of Question and Answer Cards, that are designed to be used together with my original textbook for elementary school students.

After the students have memorized all 12 pages of the textbook, the cards are used to test the learning comprehension of the students, by presenting the entire contents of the textbook, one question at a time, in completely random order.

This method, really puts the frosting on the cake.

It took me many hours over several days to finish all of the cards, but now that I have them, I can use them over and over again for many years to come.

Invest Time in Yourself. Turn off the boob tube. Watch You Tube instead.

Starting again Wednesday, it was back to a full schedule of classes throughout each day.

And it continued to be cold and windy, especially at night.

That's usually when Ikuko and I go for our walks. Not this week.

It will get warmer soon, but my snow tires will stay attached until the third week in May.

I have seen it snow here before, as late as May 18.

The hot times are still a month or so away.

When that season comes, we can really get down and go for some long drives, with overnight camp outs, and MEGA Star Gazing.

Bring on the Summer. Bring on the Night.