2008 February 12 Tuesday thru February 13 Wednesday.

The Asahikawa Winter Festival may be over, but winter is most certainly not finished with us yet.  

See the photo above/left for details.   

After several days of clear skies and higher temperatures, the white stuff is coming down again, with a vengeance.   

In the English language, this type of weather condition is commonly called a WHITE OUT.  

A person can see a lot of white, and not much else.  

Especially if you are driving your car at night.  

The headlights create a sort of dancing crowd of white fairies that must be wiped away, with wiper blades on at full speed.  

Of course, reducing the rolling speed of the automobile is also a must.   

In the city, there are still street lights and traffic lights and other car lights to help you find your way.  

But, if you are out on a country road somewhere, all alone, and this type of blizzard comes upon you, a person can easily become disoriented and end up in a ditch, alongside of the road.  

This is no laughing matter.  

Hokkaido is both beautiful and dangerous at the same time, during certain seasons and weather conditions.  

Approach it with respect, and drive slowly.  

Very slowly.