2008 February 2 Saturday thru February 5 Tuesday.

Wow, what a weekend.   

I mean,...   There was Super Bowl Sunday on February 3, in the USA.  

I have to admit, right here and now, that I didn't even remember it was happening, and of course I didn't watch it on TV.  

Did I really miss anything important, to me?   

I doubt it.   In fact, I didn't hear anything about the big NFL Super Bowl, until Mr. T. came to my classroom this Tuesday, at about 15:20, and told me about it.     

I haven't seen Mr. T.,  for about 4 or 5 months.  

He has been busy with Park Golf and other things.  

He told me that even during the winter, a person can play Park Golf indoors, at the 東神楽森林公園,  about a 40 minute drive from my classroom.  

I had never noticed the park golf facilities before, even though I have been to this location, many times. 

Both by car and by mountain bike.  

It is a beautiful place, with a hot spring resort hotel, and bungalows, and an auto campground, and basketball/tennis courts and cycling roads, and,....    In a word, it's a beautiful place.    

And not at all expensive.   

Any pensioner can afford it.  

The human aspect of Hokkaido, is awesome in its accessibility.  

It is everywhere, and all around you.  

In every season, it has a different hue.  

ALL flowing by, in smooth succession.  

By the way, the photo above/left, is NOT of HIGASHI KAGURA, but is of 赤い屋根の小屋 which is near to the FARMS CHIYODA just off of Route 237 in Kami Furano Town.   

This photograph was taken on 2008 January 26 at 12:36 by 空犬 and posted on his excellent website Rambling On My Hokkaido.    

Thank you once again 空犬 for allowing your excellent photos of Hokkaido, to be used freely by anyone, anywhere in the world.  

Thank you so much, for your interesting photo/essay CHRONICLE of HOKKAIDO.  

I have learned a lot from you, and I know that many others have also.