2008 March 1 Saturday thru March 3 Monday.

Again this Monday at 13:00, I had my usual class with the adults who belong to the 神楽公民館で英会話を楽しむ会.

Last Monday, I gave each member of the group a copy of my two page essay entitled; Embarrassing Moments Part 2.

This mini essay, is the true story of an event that happened during the summer of 2006, when I tried to light my BBQ fire, and have a cookout.

You too, can read this mini essay by clicking here.

At the end of last week's lesson, I asked each and every member of the group, to think about one or two, of their very own embarrassing moments, and tell the entire class about it, during our next lesson.

That next lesson was today.

There were some very interesting and amusing stories told by the members of our English Conversation Circle today.

One younger lady told us about how she had burned her bedroom carpet with a hot iron, while ironing her husband's white shirts.

Ouch. Another lady told about us how she and her family members had missed an airplane flight, because she had drank far too much alcohol the night before, and couldn't get out of bed.

Hmmmm..... One lady even had a very similar story to mine, that happened when she was a university student, during a freshman rush.

But perhaps the most interesting story of all, was about an experience that happened to one lady, when she was just a high school student.

She was standing at the bus stop on a cold winter morning, when a car was slowly passing by in front of her.

She did not have her glasses on, and she thought she saw one of her high school friends, riding in that car.

So, she waved at the other girl.

The car stopped, and the window was rolled down.

When the girl waiting for the bus took a closer look inside the car, she realized that the other girl inside the car, was not her friend, but a complete stranger!

How embarrassing.

But, this story has a happy ending.

The girl inside the car asked the other girl who had been waiting for the bus, to get into the car and come to school together with her.

Luckily, they both attended the same high school.

And ever since that day, the two girls would often ride together in that father's car, and go to school.

She had made a completely new friend, and all because she had waved at a girl whom she thought was someone else.

What a nice ending to another true story of life as it happens.

I don't think I could even make up a better story than that one.