2008 February 6 Wednesday thru February 11 Monday.

Another very cold week in the middle of Hokkaido.  

Friday morning, when I got up to get ready for my English class at the DoKan Nursing School, I knew right away, that I wouldn't be able to make it on schedule.  

I had a slight fever, and I couldn't get my arse off of the toilet seat.    Literally.  

I sent a FAX to the school, asking for the day off, and went back to bed.  

By about 13:00, I could stay away from the toilet long enough to teach a 50 minute class.   

Back to business as usual.  

Even by Saturday early evening, I still wasn't quite up to snuff.  

Mr. T. and I had talked about going the Asahikawa Winter Festival together again this year, but I had to tell him that I wasn't up to going on Saturday.   

Finally on Sunday, after sleeping until noon, I got up and took a hot bath.   

As I started to feel more motivated, I suddenly decided to leave my house at about 16:00, and walk down to the winter festival by myself.   

I got to the Asahikawa JR Station at just before 17:00, and started taking photographs.  

Lots and lots of photographs.  

You can see an auto playing slide show of most of the photos by clicking here.   

The weather was absolutely perfect today.   

Clear skies and no wind.  

I dressed appropriately for the occasion, and felt warm and dry the whole time.  

Except for one thing.   

About 30 minutes before I walked out of my place, heading towards the Chubetsu Bridge, I had just gotten out of a very hot bath.   

As a result, my hair was still wet.  

Especially the Pony Tail sticking out from under my hats.    

After about 50 minutes of being outside, I began to notice a very cold sensation on the back of my neck near the base of my skull.   

Surely enough, my PONY TAIL WAS FROZEN.    

Again.    This has happened before, and I call this phenomena the PONYICICLE.   

A pony tail icicle if you will.   

That was the only problem of the day.  

Having a frozen mass of my own hair poking me in the back of the neck.