2008 March 11 Tuesday thru March 16 Sunday.

Instead of snow, it has been raining a lot this week.

This, is a good sign.

A sign that warmer temperatures, and an explosion of new life, will soon be upon us.

Here in Hokkaido, and all around the world.

Today on Sunday, I took advantage of the excellent sunny skies, and went for a drive to Kami Furano, and then back up North again, for a swing-by thru HigashiKawa Town and ShiBiNai Village.

The farther you get away from the city center of Asahikawa, the sweeter and more fragrant the air becomes.

There is a very noticeable difference.

The district I live in, is just across the Chubetsu River from the center of the city.

It will be even closer, in the very near future. Two more bridges are scheduled to be built, within the next 1 to 5 years.

Then, Kagura WILL BE in the center of the city! YIKES!!!

What ever happened to my Country Living???

This location is good for my little classroom, but the air is not so sweet, in this area of Hokkaido.

Suddenly, I remember back to living in LA. Hell A.

No complaints here, in Happy Camper Land, Private Hokkaido.

While I was at the top of a very well known hill in Kami Furano, I took some photos of the clearly visible snow covered mountain range in front of me.

As I was doing so, I heard a jet airplane coming from the west.

As I looked up, I could see that it was a regularly scheduled passenger airliner, taking off from Asahikawa International Airport, and heading for parts, southwest from here.

I was able to snap a photo of the airplane, with a big rainbow in the misty sky above, as you can see from the photo above/left.

There are many flights, every day.

It is easy to take off, when you know you can fly.