2008 February 15 Friday thru February 17 Sunday.

After the huge dump of pure white powder snow, taking place over the past three days or so, the temperatures are getting above freezing during the daytime.  

As a result, the black asphalt of the streets is showing through, from under the ice and snow.  

This does not mean that spring is just around the corner, but it does mean that IT is getting closer every day.  

On Saturday morning at 10:30, I had a private lesson with a little lady that I haven't seen in about 4 or 5 years.  

When she and her mother first came to my classroom,  this little girl was still in kindergarten.   

Even at that time, I was very impressed with her abundant enthusiasm for learning new things.  

The only problem we had at that time, was that she was much more interested in the many decorations that are on all of the walls and tables in my classroom, than she was in the actual lesson.  

She could only focus on her English Lesson for a short time.  

However, when I met her again today, I was pleasantly surprised to discover  that she still has that same powerful enthusiasm AND she now has the ability to concentrate 100% upon her English Lesson.   

This is the kind of student that every teacher dreams about having.  

A student who will listen to each and every word, and follow along with the lesson plan, every step of the way.  

After about 60 minutes, I called an end to our scheduled 50 minutes lesson, and told the mother that her daughter's English Language ability in all of the 4 BASIC skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, has improved dramatically since the last time, we had a lesson together.    

Her mother replied that she was very happy to hear that.   

I then asked if she had been studying English at home by herself and/or going to some other classrooms.   

Her mother replied; "Both.  

We have been using the Disney English Learning Materials, and we also went to one of the Big Name English Conversations Schools that has classrooms throughout Japan.   

Or, HAD classrooms throughout All of Japan, is what I should say.   

Yeah, there IT IS again.   

When you have seen the rest, you can always come back to the best.  

That was confirmed to me, AGAIN TODAY,  when the mother asked me if she and her daughter could come to my classroom EVERY WEEK for the foreseeable future.  

Yes Please!   

I would be honored to have the privilege of helping your very able daughter, to master the basics of English.     

BINGO!   Right down the middle, STRIKE.   

Not only am I looking forward to guiding this enthusiastic young lady, who will become a 4th Year Elementary School Student in April of this year, but also this gig is a private lesson.  

Yeah, that's right.  

I work almost full time on the week days, and part time on the weekends.   

I seldom have to leave my classroom.  

The best students in Asahikawa, come to my place.  

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!     

Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!!     


Broadcasting from Hokkaido.