2008 February 25 Monday.

Today, was the last day of my 英語ふれあい (English Friendship) performances at the Chestnut Tree Kindergarten, for this school year.

You can see a photo of me and the graduating class of more than 50 kids, along with their classroom teachers.

This is the graduating 3rd year students ONLY!

Yeah, this is a very big kindergarten. Maybe the biggest in Asahikawa.

It is also a family business, started by the grandfather, continued by the father and his sons.

These guys are very good, at what they do. And so am I.

Again this year, for the 15th consecutive time, they asked me to continue my English Language Presentation, for yet another year. Thank you sooooooooooo much!

I really love this gig.

One of the many gigs, that I do, on a regular basis.

The reason I say performance, instead of lesson, is because the entire student body of about 220 students, assemble in the big hall, all at the same time, and I am responsible for engaging their minds, and helping them to learn the sounds of spoken English, and the sounds of music, and,...... It goes deeper than that.

You can imagine.

Anyway, the kids in this photo, are only about 39% of the total student body.

This school is a very well thought out, and a very well organized institution.

I have learned a lot from them, during the years, that I have been an independent contractor with them.

When true professionals get together and cooperate, miracles begin to HAPPEN.

IT IS the law of the COSMOS. Learn IT. Live IT.

Smile everyday, and at all times.

IT IS always NOW.

No way to avoid IT.

Make IT your friend.

Get to know IT.

You will be amazed by the change in your daily life journey.