2008 March 17 Monday thru March 19 Wednesday.

On Monday, at the 神楽公民館で英会話を楽しむ会, I talked a bit about Saint Patrick's Day, and how it is celebrated in the USA and other countries around the world.

My ancestry is about 1/4 Irish and 3/4 German, so I have some affinity for this celebration.

I have fond memories from my elementary school days, of a certain custom that was popular at that time. If a person wasn't wearing something GREEN in color, the other students could take their fingers and pinch them.

This was a symbolic gesture to represent a snake bite, according to the Irish Legend of Saint Patrick's Day.

According to this legend, St. Patrick was walking along the roads throughout Ireland, while playing a flute.

When the snakes on the island heard the flute music, they all started to follow St. Patrick as he walked along the roads. Being a clever guy, St. Patrick saw an opportunity to rid the island of all snakes, so he led them all up to the cliffs that overlook the sea, and the snakes all fell off of the cliff and into the sea.

That is why, there are no snakes in Ireland to this day!!!

I can't testify as to the veracity of this story, but it does make the imagination ready, for a good legend.

On Wednesday evening after my last class of the day was finished at 19:00, Ikuko and I got on a bus and rode out to the Suehiro District of Asahikawa, heading for a Korean Restaurant known as 韓国村.

Neither of us have ever been to this restaurant before, and the objective of our visit was to celebrate Ikuko's birthday anniversary, which was on March 11. We were both very busy on that day, so we took advantage of some extra free time today, to have a birthday party for her.

This restaurant is managed by a Korean person, and the food is authentic.

Each table is contained within a small private room, and the atmosphere is truly relaxing.

I was pleased to see that the entire menu was written in both Japanese and Korean, and I had a good time reading the Korean Language names for all of the selections on the menu.

After about 90 minutes of good food and good drink, Ikuko and I paid our bill, and went outside again to walk back to the bus stop.

Unfortunately, there were no more buses for the day, that go directly to the Kagura District where we live.

So, I flagged down a taxi.

If you like Korean food, I highly recommend this restaurant. You can visit their official website by clicking here. 韓国村